NETFLIX Daredevil Season 2
Social Campaign

The Campaign

One question loomed at the center of Season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil: “When does right become wrong?” Our social campaign leveraged Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to showcase compelling creative that examined this question and shined a light on three fractured heroes at the center of the show.

Return to Hell's Kitchen

After a flawless first season, fans couldn’t wait to see where Marvel’s Daredevil would go next. To set things up, we used the citywide holy war of Season 2 as a creative starting point for a date announcement video inspired by Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. As the premiere approached, we pushed out teaser videos that gave fans a closer look at Daredevil, the Punisher, and Elektra, as well as the ancient threat descending on Hell’s Kitchen. These social moments lit up the web and set anticipation for Season 2 at a fever pitch.

Devil’s in the Details

Bullet-strewn alleyways. Desolate rooftops. Blazing red neon. There’s no place like Hell’s Kitchen. We took fans into the dark shadows of the city with GIFs, motion graphic pieces, and striking static images. Custom-made neon signs lit up the seedy underbelly of the city with foreboding messages, and a rooftop series pitted Daredevil against the Punisher high above the city streets. We held several green-screen photo shoots in our studio to create assets that felt vibrant and organic, including a custom Daredevil mask that dripped with blood before turning into the Punisher’s iconic skull logo.

Deeper Into the Story

Season 2 is nothing short of a multilayered masterpiece, and fans all over the web were talking about its rich themes and many Easter eggs. We joined the conversation by producing a series of videos that juxtaposed actor interviews with show footage to analyze the themes of justice, violence, and isolation that drove this season. Additional videos presented the season’s main question — “When does right become wrong?” — with moments that showed no one in Hell’s Kitchen is without blood on their hands — not even Daredevil.

The Good People of Hell’s Kitchen

We redesigned the official Daredevil Tumblr and made it an interactive fan hub where we highlighted our favorite pieces of fan art, and served up videos and GIFs that spread quickly across the fan-centric platform. On Twitter and Facebook, we used copy and motion creative as in-world reactive content for the legions of fans raving about the second season. All across social, we targeted users with carousel ads, Canvas ads, and other paid units that leveraged our narrative-driven creative to draw them into the world of the show.

The Results

140m total impressions

23m total media views

8.3m total engagements

Stats measured over a 30 day period.