TNT Animal Kingdom
Social Campaign

The Campaign

Animal Kingdom is TNT's first flagship series that elevates the network into premium content territory. We crafted a fluid and holistic social campaign to help build the show's fan base from the ground up.

As a result of our collaborative efforts, over the course of 20 weeks we were able to grow the Animal Kingdom social channels into a flourishing community, ranking as the 18th most engaging cable drama program out of 366, and within the top 100 programs for social responses, fan growth, and new video views.

Setting the Fire

We kicked off our campaign with a live activation during major pop culture moments like the NCAA Championship game, NBA playoffs, and Tribeca Film Festival. By saying hello to a core group of fans and sharing in celebrating key moments, we sustained their interest leading up to the premiere.

Fanning the Flames

As the likes and loves came rolling in, we evolved and adapted our content to maximize engagement. Our campaign has seen steady growth within the community. By connecting fans to the cast with behind-the-scenes content, curated graphics and action-packed micro-videos, the community got to know what it’s like when family business is personal.

The Growth


36% Growth week over week

4M Engagements

Stats obtained from Netbase social tool

VIP Premiere Party
Facebook Livestream

Partnering with TNT to produce a 3-part Facebook Livestream event meant fans could party with the Codys just by clicking the play button.

Ride-A-Long with Shawn Hatosy

Shawn Hatosy gave fans a ride to the premiere and answered their questions on his way to the red carpet.

Red Carpet Tour

Next up was a strut down the red carpet, chat with Scott Speedman, and behind-the-scenes tour of the event space.

Q&A Session

Right after the screening, we hosted an intimate Q&A session with the cast where they answered fan questions submitted via social.

The Results

800k video views

320k impressions

246k organic reach

Stats obtained from Netbase social tool

Cody Lineage Facebook Canvas Ad

Ramping up our activity on all fronts of the campaign before the premiere, we executed a Facebook Canvas ad unit to showcase the characters of the show to targeted audiences, increasing awareness in preparation for the premiere.

The Premiere

Bringing the campaign to its pinnacle, we executed multiple fronts of social reactive during the premiere. By engaging our community, we kept the conversation alive and extended the viewing experience in real time.

The Results

574M Impressions


6.5M Engagements

74K Mentions

Stats via Netbase, Facebook and Twitter Insights